Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my cotton candy stay fresh?

Every Fun Sweets cotton candy tub has a Best Before date stamped on it. Unopened tubs should be county fair fresh prior to the noted date. Once the tub is opened and the product is exposed to air it will begin to shrink. Opened tubs that are relidded and stored in

Do Fun Sweets products contain nuts?

Fun Sweets products do not contain any of what the FDA defines as “major allergens” including peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, soy or wheat. Also, Fun Sweets manufacturing facility does not process any of these ingredients on any production line.

Do Fun Sweets products contain artificial flavors and colors?
Ingredients statements for all Fun Sweets cotton candy flavors can be found here: myfunsweets.com/flavors-more/
Are Fun Sweets products gluten free?

Yes, all Fun Sweets products are gluten-free.

Can consumers buy your regular Fun Sweets non-customized products directly from the company?

Our minimum order quantity is 720 units per flavor so unless you are REALLY hungry, the best way to get Fun Sweets Cotton Candy is through one of our retail or wholesale partners. If you are unable to find the product at your local store feel free to e mail us at info@funsweets.net and we will try and help.

Do you donate product to charities?

Throughout the year Fun Sweets donates product to several charitable organizations that support children’s causes. In order to ensure that we can have the greatest possible impact with these donations we have limited the roster of organizations we work with and are not considering an expansion of this network at this time.