About Us

Like some of life’s best things, Fun Sweets Cotton Candy is the result of a happy accident. In 1994, Fun Sweets owner Patrick Fulco (then in the popcorn business) visited the facility of a friendly competitor who was looking to retire. The seller made Patrick an interesting offer; “if you haul all these cotton candy machines out of here, I’ll give you the popcorn equipment for free”. Patrick took the deal, tinkered with the cotton candy machines, found that the neighborhood kids liked cotton candy better than popcorn and Fun Sweets Cotton Candy was born. Neighborhood stores served as a proving grounds until Fun Sweets landed its first high profile customer – Disney World. Referring to his company, Walt Disney once famously said, “Remember this all started with a mouse”. Now two companies can make that claim. Since our big break with Mickey; Fun Sweets has partnered with many of the country’s leading retailers. Spreading the word and the smiles. Fun Sweets now humbly wears the crown of America’s Favorite Cotton Candy; delivering freshness, memories, laughs and lots of smiles.

MyFunSweets.com marks a new chapter for our now twenty year old company. Fun Sweets Cotton Candy fans have grown accustomed to finding

us at Wal-Mart, CVS, Kroger, Dollar General and even Bass Pro Shops; to name a few. But at MyFunSweets.com, cotton candy fans can now create their own personalized Fun Sweets cotton candy tubs. Imagine offering your guests a personalized wedding themed cotton candy as part of your special day. Imagine offering your children’s friends a personalized birthday themed cotton candy when they come to share your child’s birthday. Imagine celebrating your baby shower with a personalized tub of pink or blue baby themed cotton candy. Well imagine no more; MyFunSweets.com is your home for personalized wedding cotton candy, personalized baby shower cotton candy, personalized birthday themed cotton candy and personalized graduation themed cotton candy. The best part is that, with the Fun Sweets name you know you’re getting only the freshest best tasting product.

Cotton Candy has been part of our family Since 1994. We look forward to making it part of your family’s important events too; whether they be weddings, baby showers, birthdays or graduations. So click around start creating your own Fun Sweets Personalized Cotton Candy. Your guests will be glad you did.